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Vertebral Fractures

Spinal cord consists of 33 bones called vertebrae and it support body with the help of these bones to stand upright, bend and can able to turn your body. There is an empty space in the middle of every vertebrae called the spinal canal. Spinal fractures are separated from the arm and legs fractures. Due to being fractures in any vertebrae, it moves from its place and start pinching, also can damaged the nerve.

Most spinal fractures occurs due to the accident, falling, shooting, and etc. Injuries can cause muscle and ligaments sprains, fractures in your vertebrae or it can moves from its place, and also can seriously damaged spinal cord. Some fractures can be treated by medicines, physiotherapy, and etc but some severe fractures need surgery and bones to be reorganized.

Types of spinal fractures

There are different types of spinal fractures depending on the manner and damage of the injury like,

  1. Compression fractures
  2. Axial burst fractures
  3. Chance fractures

Symptoms of spinal fractures

Spinal fractures can cause very sharp back pain, usually in the middle and the lower spine. This pain can be felt on both sides of spinal cord. If the pain is severe it can also lead towards the physical disability.

Compression fractures do not initially cause any symptoms. They are detected when spinal x-ray are performed for any other reasons. The symptoms of which is back pain aggravates while walking and does not feel at rest, body length decrease with time, bending of the body, tingling, difficulty in walking, numbness, no control over bowl and bladder, and weakness.

Causes of spinal fractures

The main cause of spinal fractures of spinal cord is injury. Such as injury while playing, injury while accident, injury while falling, etc.

Osteoporosis and spinal tumors can also lead to fractures. Injuries can have a huge impact on the spinal cord. People who have osteoporosis, tumors or certain types of cancer, this can also lead them to the fractures. There are more to the risk of the compression fractures.

Treatment of spinal fractures

 Firstly, the doctors will performed some test like city scan, x-ray or M.R.I test to know the location and the reason of the fractures. Then doctors will suggest you surgical and non-surgical treatment depending on the severity of the fracture.

Non-surgical treatment

It may take up to 3 months for the spinal fractures to heal automatically. But this pain starts to get better in a few weeks the following remedies can be taken for pain.

Rest- Reducing activities and resting can ease pain for some time. But this can cause bone loss and may make the symptoms of osteoporosis worse. Which increase the risk of spinal fracture, the doctors may recommend resting for few days. However, one should not rest for too long.

Using of belt- A belt is used to keep the back straight in the spinal fracture. This reduces the movement of the spine and reduces pain. However, the belt should used carefully as per the doctor’s advice. Because it can causes muscle weakness in the waist related problems.

Pain relieving drugs- the medicines available to the chemist shop is enough to cure the pain. These drugs can be used for sometime so that people do not get used to them. Antidepressant medicine can relieve pain in the nerve.


Surgery is required if the pain is not cured even using a belt, reducing activities, resting and taking painkillers. To fix the fractures of spinal cord the kind of surgery doctors may performed are vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, and spinal fusion surgery.

Your doctor will take care of the following things while performing the surgery:

During surgery, the doctor removes the pieces of bones that created pressure on the spinal cord or veins present in it to avoid complication. For example, if a piece of bone is putting pressure on the veins, the doctor will remove the piece from it.

The doctor may use wiring, rod, plate and a type of cage to increase the ability to find movement during the joining of the bone. This device will support the spinal cord until it recovers completely. You do not need to removes this device after the bone has fully joined.

In today’s era of robotic treatment, surgery to correct the spinal fractures is become very easy to perform and the soon patient get recovers from it.

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