What is Neck Pain (Cervical)?

The problem of neck pain is called cervical pain in the medical language. There is a possibility of cervical pain due to problems in the joints and disc of the cervical spine passing through neck it can also caused by fractures in bones and cartilage. Some people have such a sharp pain in the neck due to cervical that they face difficulties to perform their daily activities as well. Let us tell about some main symptoms, causes and treatment of cervical pain.

Symptoms of cervical pain

The problem of neck pain constantly increasing and it can take the form of serious disease, which can cause by many reasons. But by identifying the symptoms and get treated in time, you can avoid this serious disease.

  1. Stiffing and straining of the neck muscle
  2. Constant neck pain
  3. Pain increase when the neck held in the same position for long time such as working in the computer and while driving.
  4. Feeling tingling, numbness or weakness in your hand, leg or feet.
  5. Pain in the back and shoulder
  6. Muscle cramps
  7. Inability to control bladder or bowel

Causes of cervical pain

The number of people complaining of neck pain is steadily increasing, mainly because of today’s work culture means a modern method of working. Nowadays people work in front of a computer for hours and use mobile for a long time, due to which this problem is becoming common. Not only this they start talking by hanging mobile between ear and neck, which is not the right use of neck for the body. People often keep their necks in a not so comfortable position for a long time, which causes severe pain in neck and trouble in daily work. Another reason could be any kind of injury in your neck. The jerk in the neck at the time of injury causes the neck to bend more than usual which affects its muscle and tissue. This causes muscles to contract, causing pain and stiffness in them and neck pain can also occur with increasing age.

Treatment of cervical pain

There could be many reasons for any disease, but it is important to recognize their symptoms and treat it in time. Cervical pain can be treated by the following ways:

Cervical pain mostly caused by sprain or torsion, the pain killers medicines can be found in chemist shop or the medicine that reduces inflammation is effective for pain. However, cervical pain can sometimes be caused by a problem in your spinal cord, which causes constant pain in that case you need to consult the expert.

In some cases, surgery may also be performed to treat cervical pain due to slip disc or a bone spur (a sharp rise of bones). But before this, the doctor will advise you to go through some other less serious treatment. Like injecting or giving massage therapy to reduce pain or swelling. These treatments are called conservative treatment in medical language. Some more examples of conservative treatment are cold or hot compress, physical therapy, correcting bad habits, a prescription painkiller, cortisone vaccine, acupuncture. And there is one more option of treatment is chiropractic treatment, a procedure to massage and repair the spinal cord.

If despite all these remedies, you do not get any relief in pain, then the doctor can also advise for surgery. Neck surgery can be done in a minimally invasive way endoscopically called keyhole surgery, which can be done from the front/anterior aspect without any risk or complication. A specialist may use more advanced techniques to make neck surgery easier and can complete it in a short duration like cold leasers, radiofrequency, ultrasonic waves, ozone, and with the help endoscopic coablators. With the help of these advanced techniques, the surgery will be completely safe with no blood loss and no risk to your spinal cord and its branching nerves supplying the upper and lower limbs also will not create any disturbance to the nervous system. In this minimally invasive surgery, the patient gets discharged on the same day or next day and also they have very fast recovery their wound also heal quickly without any infection because it is not open surgery. Computer navigation, 3-D printing, and robotic arms are used to assist in surgery making the accuracy of surgery 100% and eliminating human errors.

Neck pain is considered to be very common, but it should not allow to increases because if any disease increase it starts creating the problem in our life. So it is important to treat every disease in time. Spine Solution India has the best team of spinal doctors, who are well experienced to treat any kind of spinal problem. Visit Spine Solution India today, if you are suffering from neck pain or any spinal pain. To book your appointment call us at…