What is Slip Disk?

There are small padded discs to support the bones present in the spine, which protect the spinal cord from any kind of shock and keep it flexible. But if any disc gets damaged then its open up by swelling or breaking and this creates the problem of slip disc. A slip disc does not mean that the disc slips from its place, this means that the disc grows or swells from its normal limits. In slip disc you can feel numbness or weakness in your one leg or arm.

Types of slip disc

There are mostly three kinds of slip disc problem takes place in human body and it is:

Cervical disc slip – cervical disc slip occurs in the neck. This causes pain in the back of the head, shoulder, back and arm.

Thoracic disc slip – thoracic disc slip occur because of the pressure in middle of the spinal cord from the surrounding. Although it is very unlikely, it causes pain in the middle part of the arm and the shoulder.

Lumber disc slip – lumber disc slip occurs in the bottom of the spinal cord. This causes pain in the lower back, buttock and thighs.

Symptoms of slip disc

You may have slip disc problem in any part of your spine, but it is most common on lower back. The spinal cord is the complex network of nerve and blood vessels. The slip disc normally put pressure on the nerve and the muscle of spine. So you need to be aware of its symptoms and some of its symptoms are as follows:

  1. Pain or numbness in the one side of your body.
  2. Pain spread to your hands or feet.
  3. Increase pain in the night or pain increases while doing any activities.
  4. Excess pain after standing and sitting.
  5. Pain while walking after while only.
  6. Weakness in the muscle.
  7. Tingling, pain or burning on effected area.

Causes of slip disc

Cause of slip disc can be:

  1. Sitting in wrong posture can be reason of slip disc, with this reading while sleeping and bending.
  2. Irregular routine, weight lifting, bending, any kind of shock could be the reason of slip disc.
  3. Due to aging bone starts weaken and due to bone weakening it may become the reason of slip disc.
  4. Excessive manual labour, slipping, injury, or excessive driving, etc any could be the reason of slip disc.
  5. Calcium deficiency can also result of slip disc.

In simple or clear word, it is the weakening of your bones present in your spine for any reason that makes the problem of slip disc.

Treatment of slip disc

Most of the people can get relief from the pain of slip disc only doing such exercise or physiotherapy told by their doctor, which makes the surrounding muscle strong of spine. Slip disc pain can also be relieved by taking pain relieving pills or not lifting heavy weight. If pain killers also do not affect your symptoms, your doctor may prescribe any other medicine. Medicine to relieve muscle spasms and medicine to relieve your nerves for example Gabapentin or Duloxetin and etc

If the symptoms of slip disc does not improves within 6 week even after taking proper medicine and exercising regularly, and still the slip disc has an effect on your muscle or activities, then your doctor can also suggest surgery. Your surgeon can perform surgery without removing the entire disc by simple removing the damaged area, and this surgery called microdisckectomy. In more severe cases, your surgeon may replace your original disc with an artificial disc.

Although slip disc is a common disease, but if it is not treated on right time, it can also take a very dangerous form, so treat it in time. Spine Solution India has a most talented and efficient team of spinal doctor to keep you away from any spinal problem including slip disc. Visit today our clinic if you are suffering from the pain of slip disc. To book your appointment call us at…